25. January 2019

DIE PR-BERATER start congress tour

For our client Wayland, a manufacturer and distributor of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes, DIE PR-BERATER will also be on the road in 2019 at various trade fairs and congresses. This year's MEDIZIN in Stuttgart, taking place from 25 to 27 January, marked the start of the congress tour.


Also present was our new colleague, pharmacist Gudrun Müller-Neese, who supports the team with her pharmaceutical expertise.

"We are delighted to be able to go on a congress tour for our client the second year in a row. The direct exchange with our specialist target groups is practically priceless", says Katharina Klein from "Team Wayland" at DPR.


MEDIZIN combines a classic trade fair with a physicians' conference and events around the healthcare system. Exactly the right environment for medical cannabis: A study conducted by DocCheck Research on behalf of Wayland showed that six out of ten general practitioners find cannabis a useful therapeutic option. Nevertheless, more than half of the respondents have never issued a prescription for medical cannabis. Therefore, it is all the more important that our colleagues inform the 11,000 trade fair visitors about the therapeutic potential of cannabis.


However, MEDIZIN is just the beginning: Our congress team will be attending many more congresses and events on the topics of health and pharmacy this year.

Congress tour starts @ MEDIZIN 2019

23. January 2019

Pharmacist complements DIE PR-BERATER

Since the beginning of 2019, Gudrun Müller-Neese supports DIE PR-BERATER. The experienced pharmacist dares the jump into the agency life in order to become acquainted with a new working environment after 26 years in pharmacies.


As a pharmaceutical advisor, she stands our customers from the Health Care industry competently aside. Already at the end of this week, the Bonn native will be representing Wayland at MEDIZIN 2019 in Stuttgart. 

22. January 2019

DIE PR-BERATER expand Kölner Kulturpatenschaften

DIE PR-BERATER are deeply rooted in Cologne: This is why we are commited to Cologne’s cultural landscape. Since 2011, DIE PR-BERATER are working pro bono as part of the "Kölner KulturPaten e.V." (Cologne’s Culture Godparents).


This association aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge between Cologne’s cultural scene and local companies. It is a collaborative project of the culture department of the city of Cologne, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur e.V. (Cologne’s Volunteer Agency) under the patronage of Cologne’s mayor Henriette Reker.


For over eight years, the agency supported the "Simultanhalle – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst" (Space for Contemporary Art) in Cologne-Chorweiler as part of their first "godparenthood". Starting from classical press work and media workshops up to the relaunch of a new website: DIE PR-BERATER helped the team of the Simultanhalle with their expertise in public relations.


In 2019, new exciting projects are yet to come: This is why DIE PR-BERATER already participated in the last "Kulturpatenwerkstatt" (Cultural Patronage Workshop) in late 2018. This Workshop aims to bring together a variety of projects of culture, art, dance, and theatre with experts from companies located in Cologne that would like to engage themselves in the art sector.


Today, DIE PR-BERATER met with Claudia Bleier, the project manager of "Kölner KulturPaten e.V." to tackle new projects.

In 2019 the agency will again support a project rooted in Cologne’s cultural landscape.

You will find out more about our new project here soon!

05. December 2018


The Marketing Club Köln-Bonn hosted a panel discussion on the subject of "Truth or Lies? How companies can survive in times of fake news". Thomas Müller, CEO of DIE PR-BERATER, took part.

The agency "Zum goldenen Hirschen" in Cologne invited to the discussion that focussed on questions such as: Are there more lies today than there used to be? Should companies deal with false media reporting on them? If so, how? What are successful defence strategies? How can companies act preventively?


Three experts exchanged their opinions on that issue: Philipp Keller, Managing Director of the agency "Zum goldenen Hirschen", media and press attorney Professor Ralf Höcker, and crisis communication expert Thomas Müller. All three panelists agreed that it is particularly important to act quickly in times of crisis. To ensure that lies are revealed quickly and do not spread uncontrollably through all information channels, possibly across countries, false reports should be slowed down at an early stage.


Höcker stressed that legal strictness is required when it comes to a genuinely false report. Every media house has its own agenda. This leads to the fact that the press spreads untrue information on a regular basis. In such cases, the company should contact an attorney as early as possible. According to Höcker, even the guiding principle "The Internet never forgets" is not irrefutable.


Hirsch and Müller, on the other hand, agreed that a company has to counter false reports consciously instead of arrogantly dismissing them. “The point is to tell the story anew”, says Hirsch. In this way, a new storytelling could emerge from a false report. Müller emphasized that this is particularly important because fewe attacks are based on a justiciable lie, but on slanderous allegations that are protected by freedom of expression. Or the lies are published anonymously. Here, it only helps to stress one’s own story to question and attack the reliability of the opposite side.  

According to the crisis PR expert, emotions are the key to success.

In times of false reports, media such as texts, images, animations, and films must be conceived in such a way that they convince and move the public.


Around 40 experts, particularly from the marketing sector, contributed to the lively discussion with the three experts. Even though the basic direction seemed the same, each of the three experts would encounter false reports with different methods.




The Cologne-Bonn Marketing Club is an established network of marketing experts. Lectures, discussions, network meetings, and general meetings take place regularly. Non-members can also participate in the events for a fee.

More information on this event can be found here.


From the left: Thomas Müller, Prof. Ralf Höcker, Holger Geißler, Philipp Keller

Falschmeldungen schnell und entschieden entgegentreten

How to fight fake news

08. May 2018

Growth market medical cannabis: DIE PR-BERATER takes over communication budget of maricann

After a successful pitch, DIE PR-BERATER are now working as the new lead agency for PR and marketing activities for maricann in Germany. The agency supports the Canadian manufacturer of medical cannabis with his market entry in Germany.


DIE PR-BERATER convinced maricann with a strategic approach using the controversial potential of the topic for the positioning of the brand in the German market. The agency developed a diverse mixture of PR and marketing instruments for B2B as well as for B2C target groups.

Among the tasks are strategic consulting and PR work, the development and the ongoing support of the online and social media channels as well as medical communication.

maricann, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario and a German subsidiary in Munich, has just received a GMP certification from the European Medicines Agency for their new, modern facility in Ontario. The certification entitles maricann to export dried cannabis flowers to Europe. Since March 2017, German physicians have been allowed to prescribe cannabis flowers as therapy in certain cases. However, there are major supply bottlenecks in the German market.


“The support of maricann is a very thrilling project for our agency,“, says Thomas Müller, CEO of DIE PR-BERATER.

“The topic of medical cannabis is booming in Germany but from our point of view there is a lot more potential yet to be explored.”

 Click this link to read the report about the budget acquisition at the PR-Journal. 

Growth market medical cannabis: DIE PR-BERATER takes over communication budget of maricann

Medical Cannabis in Germany

16. August 2016

DIE PR-BERATER @ "The Conference"

1.000 attendees from 26 nations gathered for two days to get informed and discuss about the recent developments and innovations in digital life.

Roughly 50 speakers shared their insights on topics like Artificial Intelligence, 1:1 Communication, Virtual Reality or Future Cities.

Via the hashtag #theconf you can get an overview over the most debated issues. All talks are provided as streams on the website.

Många hälsningar från Malmö :-)

DIE PR-BERATER @ "The Conference"
03. March 2015

Nominee for the PR Report Award 2015

DIE PR-BERATER was nominated by a 30-member jury for the PR Report Award in the category “Essentials: International Communication”.

The agency convinced the jury with its conceptual design of the international location marketing campaign for the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia “Germany at its best: Nordrhein-Westfalen”. The campaign focuses on the acquisition of foreign investors in target countries like Western Europe, North America, Turkey, China and Japan.

With the nomination the jury chose “Germany at its best” for Germany’s most renowned PR award as one of the five best applications in 2015 in the sector of international communication.

Since 2011, the state-owned economic development agency NRW.INVEST has been advertising with “Germany at its best” to gain foreign investors for North Rhine-Westphalia. The international campaign builds on Germany’s strong image in the world. The participation campaign called upon companies, institutions, scientists and citizens to present their top achievements on the web portal. The top achievements were checked and received a certificate from the Ministry of Economy of North Rhine-Westphalia declaring them “Germany at its best”. With this distinction the top achievers not only promoted themselves but also North Rhine-Westphalia at the same time. More than 300 of them have been honoured since then. The campaign places the top achievements in numerous channels for the targeted addressing of decision-makers from the world of economics and politics in Western Europe, North America, Turkey, China and Japan – always focussing on the benefit of international investors. A current survey indicates that after four years North Rhine-Westphalia is known in the target group for its locational advantages and the brand has achieved high attractiveness.

The winner will be announced during the official award ceremony taking place in Kraftwerk Berlin on 16 April 2015. Thomas Müller, CEO of DIE PR-BERATER, explains: “After winning the Japanese Nikkei Advertising Award in 2011 for ‘Germany at its best’, we are thrilled to be among the five best international communication campaigns at the PR Report Award 2015.”

Nominee for the PR Report Award 2015
20. November 2014

DIE PR-BERATER in action for AO

DIE PR-BERATER take care of the press and media relations of AO Deutschland Ltd.


Its British parent company AO World Plc. is the market leading online trader for household appliances in the UK.

Since October the company offers its services in Germany too.

At customers can order household appliances around the clock. All orders made until 8 p.m. can be delivered the next day, Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

With this service the company intends to revolutionize the German market.

AO Deutschland Ltd.

AO Deutschland Ltd.

09. October 2014

Showtime for shedding pounds!

Professional styling, hair dressing, make-up, then a photo session and a video shooting – most people know all this only from model shows on TV.

On behalf of the British company Cambridge 800 DIE PR-BERATER fulfilled this dream for two participants of the diet program and showed them in the best light with their new personal look.

For the two women it was a very special experience.

“At the shooting they both felt very comfortable and had really good fun,”

describes Project Manager Guido Balke, “this cannot be taken for granted because the topic is very personal.” However, the agency’s well experienced production team with photographers, cameramen, stylists and make-up artists had the right touch so that the ice was quickly broken.

In addition, DIE PR-BERATER produced two videos in the manner of a „Making-of“, in which the women tell their very personal experience with Cambridge 800. Completed with English subtitles the interviews were sent to Birmingham this week. The two women have applied for the international title „Slimmer of the Year 2014“, which is awarded in Birmingham once a year among the participants of the diet program. 

Only one of the two can participate as a candidate from Germany in the international competition. Her video will be shown at the big award ceremony. Who made the race, can be found out here

DIE PR-BERATER support Cambridge 800 in the positioning of their brand on the German market.

„For us this is an exciting project which combines many aspects of the agency,“ says Project Manager Guido Balke. „On the one hand our expertise in healthcare, on the other hand our production speed even for challenging projects. Within a week after the inquiry, the shooting and the finalization of the videos took place“, describes Balke. “This way PR is great fun und we keep our fingers crossed for the nominee.”


Slimmers in action


Slimmers in action


Showtime for shedding pounds!


Showtime for shedding pounds!


Showtime for shedding pounds!

24. January 2014

DIE PR-BERATER support the IWF

DIE PR-BERATER support the “International Women's Forum (IWF)” as a sponsoring partner in organizing the “World Cornerstone Conference 2014”.

The conference takes place in Berlin from May 21-23.

The topics range from international progress to business, economics, ecology and sustainability.

Every year the “World Cornerstone Conference” is held at a different place. What is important is that the respective region is crucial for global development.

The IWF supports and promotes the global and inter-professional association of women in senior positions, who are committed to serving people. The unique, global association pursues the primary goal of providing leaders with a forum for the development of communication, exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration, thus allowing a better, future-oriented development of our changing world.