10. February 2020

PR expert for cannabis-based drugs

In the current issue of the German trade journal Pharma Relations our senior consultant Guido Balke was interviewed as an expert in pharmaceutical marketing. Under the headline "Blooming prospects" Balke talks in detail about the market for cannabis-based drugs and highlights the opportunities and risks involved in marketing them.


About three years after the new medical cannabis law came into force in Germany, often doctors are still uncertain about the correct use of the new medication – especially concerning cannabis flowers. "That’s not surprising, as there are currently about 50 to 60 different varieties on the market, all with varying levels of psychoactive THC and relaxing CBD. Not to mention the other cannabinoids and terpenes," Balke explains.


According to Balke, correct communication with the target groups is therefore all the more important. You have to provide doctors in particular with practice-relevant information that answers questions about the mode of action, suitable indications and patient care. At the same time, however, practical questions about prescriptions, billing and reimbursement must also be dealt with.


Moreover, the expert for healthcare communication also points out the special features of marketing the new drugs and explains the differences to the usual pharmaceutical communication: "Compared to the classical pharmaceutical market, we have many legal grey areas and basically more freedom here. At the same time, we have to observe in our communication not only the drug advertising law but also the Federal Narcotics Law".


This also affects the marketing for pharmacies. These play a decisive role in the supply of patients with cannabis-based drugs, but, according to Balke, have not yet recognised the economic potential of this therapeutic option: "Generally, the interest is very high among pharmacists. But of course there are also fears of contact and prejudgments on sides of the doctors. For example, some don't want to get into the "dirty corner" and attract the wrong clientele."


The predictions are promising. According to Balke, some assume that approximately one per cent of the German population is eligible for the prescription of cannabis-based drugs. That is approximately 800,000 people. "So the gold, or better green rush, is far from over," says Balke.

The article was published in Pharma Relations 01-02/2020 and also online via this link.

Guido Balke as an expert in pharmaceutical relations
02. September 2019

Rojda Comak assists design team

From now on, Rojda supports our design team. The student of the dual course of studies graphic design and visual communication at the university for media, communication and economics in Cologne completes her 12-month practical phase with DIE PR-BERATER. The 21 year old from the Westerwald region has Kurdish roots and is now at home here in Cologne. We are pleased about new ideas in our team!

Rojda Comak
19. July 2019

Training for leaders

DIE PR-BERATER launches a new coaching and training program for leaders from different areas – business, politics and society. Under the agency offers individual trainings. "Since there is no second chance for the first impression, a good public appearance is essential”, describes CEO Thomas Mueller.


People who are top in their field of expertise should also be perfectionists in their own performance. "Only those who convince can be successful in the long run. Otherwise, the wisest plans will only remain on paper," says Müller.


The agency was able to win media professional Michael Hirz for this tailor-made offer. This way, management personalities receive training from the complementary perspectives of journalism and strategic PR consulting.

04. July 2019

From Kibera to… Berlin Fashion Week!

The fashion label lookslike avido shows the creative potential the biggest slum in Kenya has to offer – on its mission: Fashion from Kibera to the World. DIE PR-BERATER supports the young label.


David Avido, the founder of the label, will be on the road in Germany from 2-22 July to find partners for the European market – together with co-founder Ruven Börger. They want to inspire people with handmade unique pieces. From the Fashion Week in Berlin, where the label visits the Neonyt, it goes to the Summerjam in Cologne and many other events, for example in the Social Impact Lab Bonn and in the Colabor - Raum für Nachhaltigkeit.


Such an ambitious programme requires mobility! To put the project on the road, the agency provides the label with a car.


Here you can find all tourdates and information about the label.


We wish you all the best!

Looks like avido
Looks like avido
Looks like avido
26. June 2019

Positioning the Marketing Club as Experts

From now on DIE PR-BERATER are in charge of the press and media relations of the Marketing Club Cologne-Bonn. The Marketing Club is to be perceived more strongly in the region as a marketing expert and opinion leader. 


As a network of marketing experts, the members of the Marketing Club regularly exchange information on Marketing topics and current developments in the industry during lectures, discussions and club evenings. The motto for 2019 is "Marketing Hacks - Tips and Tricks on Future Challenges for Marketeers".


Whether it is about corporate marketing or questions about how our city and the region will develop over the next few years - we are now pursuing making the Marketing Club and its expertise more visible.

Marketing Club Köln-Bonn
16. May 2019

Laying of the foundation stone for worldwide unique housing project

Cologne, 16th May 2019 – The newly designed Clarenbachplatz in Cologne's district Braunsfeld is slowly taking shape. Around nine months after start of the construction work, the new buildings are now growing upwards. An extraordinary construction project is being realized here: For the first time, new apartments will be built over a freight train line.

Friedrich Wassermann and WvM Immobilien invited to the laying of the foundation stone in the excavation pit. In addition to Cologne's Lord Mayor Henriette Reker, the NRW Minister of Construction Ina Scharrenbach also took part in the ceremony. The future tenants are to move in at the beginning of 2021.


DIE PR-BERATER has been supporting this pioneering urban development project for several years and is ensuring that the model project is known to the public and among experts through its press and media work.


Copyright Photo: Manos Meisen


05. May 2019

15 years DIE PR-BERATER – A reason to celebrate

Cologne, 5th May 2019 – It’s been 15 years ago that DIE PR-BERATER was born. The agency looks back on exciting times during which the name DIE PR-BERATER developed into a real brand, known in Cologne, NRW, Germany, Istanbul and in various specialist areas. The agency grew with its tasks, clients and above all with its employees.

"Our thanks goes out to our team, to all former colleagues, our customers, partners and friends",

emphasizes Thomas Müller, founder and CEO of DIE PR-BERATER. "With our international customers and versatile tasks, it has been 15 exciting years so far. Thank you very much!”


On 14th June, the agency celebrates its birthday with employees and ex-colleagues, families and friends at a summer party.



02. May 2019

Designer strengthens DIE PR-BERATER

Daniela Goldman joins the agency's design team from now on. Born in Argentina, she studied and taught design at the University of Buenos Aires. She has been at home in Cologne for more than two decades. The agency is pleased about the new creative head in the team.



Daniela Goldman

Welcome to our team, Daniela!

08. April 2019

DIE PR-BERATER as “Culture Godparents” of the art centre Wachsfabrik

Since 1979 numerous independent artists are living and working in the old wax factory (“Wachsfabrik”) built in 1912, next to the Industriestraße in Cologne’s district Rodenkirchen. They have created a small, creative oasis. But now the operating company decided to cancel contracts of a majority of these artists.

A new business park is about to replace the creative centre.


In order to prevent this, DIE PR-BERATER are engaged with fighting for the preservation of the Wachsfabrik in various forms.


We ask all our customers, partners and friends to support a petition to preserve the Wachsfabrik. The city of Cologne should support the Wachsfabrik as a fundamental part of Cologne’s cultural landscape. Every voice counts. Just do it!


Rescue the Wachsfabrik!

Rescue the Wachsfabrik!

01. April 2019

Positioning a Berlin fintech

From now on DIE PR-BERATER are in charge of the PR work for the innovative Berlin fintech LABEST.


With LABEST, the founders Dirk Piethe and Stefan Franke offer a cloud-based software that creates security and transparency in the financing of goods and stock. This software enables lenders and borrowers to call up up-to-date prices for goods and thus flexibly and efficiently control the collateral value, the credit volume, and the credit line. Thanks to this solution, enterprises may now again use their stock as collateral for loans. A real revolution for inventory financing!


Besides the classical PR and media work, DIE PR-BERATER accompany the start-up from Berlin in its positioning in the finance and banking sector as well as targeting potential fintech investors.

Up-to-date prices for goods with the help of LABEST

Up-to-date prices for goods with the help of LABEST