About us

DIE PR-BERATER GmbH (Limited) was founded in 2004. The head office of our company is located in Cologne

We employ nearly 25 members of staff. In our team consultants, project managers, editorsdesigners, software engineers, correctors as well as photographers are at your service.

Our team

It is the mixture of versatile abilities and talents of our staff, their different experiences and cultural backgrounds that shape our company. We therefore put a great emphasis on their working environment – we want them to continue to develop and to feel comfortable with what they are doing. To further educate them, we provide them with internal and external training programs on a regular basis.

When choosing new staff members, we are looking for team spirit. Playing a part in combined efforts and regarding the views and working methods of others as an enrichment is what we perceive as important preconditions for successful results.

Kaan Aksen
Graphic design

The boy from Cologne enriches our graphics team. As an avid American football player, he knows how important it is to be ready at the right moment in order to bring performance and results. The defense player of the Cologne Crocodiles does not just play in the First Football League, he also does his best for the agency.

Guido Balke

As a consultant and concept developer, he likes to take bold new ways, no matter how troublesome they may be. Coming from the city where Henry the Lion used to live, he always achieves success.

Ruven Börger
Editorial office

As a basketball player he convices with the necessary concentration when it comes to the decisive throw. The editor is a real shooting guard in press and media relations for the DIE PR-BERATER Team. 

Birgitta Bruder

She uses her mixing spoon to ensure a perfect controlling for the agency. Coming from the hometown of baking powder, she knows that not only the best ingredients, but also the right tools are important for success.

Daniela Goldman

In case of emergency, all Daniela needs is a calabash filled with Mate tea to stay calm even in the most stressful situations. In general, the Argentinian native quickly and astutely captures the wishes of our customers and develops convincing designs quite unpretentiously. The Porteña looks at the world with a stubborn eye that gives her the necessary amount of freedom and creativity.

Anna Lina Junghänel
Art Direction

She loves the beautiful and sweet sides of Berlin. Therefore, after her exile in the Rhineland and in the United States, she enjoys being a designer in the capital again.

Manuel Knauber
Editorial office

Playing board games is his passion: He uses language, words and puns to reach his goal strategically - together with his team. Making the right decisions under time pressure is no big deal for him. That's why he loves working for the agency.

Elena Klein
Editorial office

She is full of passion for what she does: whether it is her hobby dancing or the different tasks in the agency. She loves approaching challenges with swing and enthusiasm. At the same time she knows that only discipline leads to success.

Marijan Kojic
Consulting/Project management

Coming from the hometown of the documenta, the consultant is able to cope with every challenge. In order to master challenges successfully, he relies on his German workman ethics and on the spontaneity and improvisation of his Croatian roots - perfect ingredients for a successful agency life.

Bengin Korkmaz
Editorial Office

The native of Cologne loves Backgammon. It is no wonder he achieves optimal research results for our customers, because the strategy game from his parents' home country sharpens his analytical and conceptual thinking.

Thomas Müller

The Swabian learned how to handle the "press" in his early years. Cheese spaetzle are still his favorite dish. Moreover, he enriches the agency's everyday life with many virtues from his home region.

Gudrun Müller-Neese
Pharmaceutical consultant

It all depends on the right dosage. This is also true when it comes to suitable information and consulting offers by our healthcare clients. Our experienced pharmacist advises all relevant target groups precisely at medical and pharmaceutical events.

Ralf Schroeder
Art Direction

Not with blinkers, but with "Milchpower" the Niederrheiner jumped into every creative process. No wonder the agency has already won a variety of budgets and awards with his creations.

Katharina Stöckle
Project management/Editorial office/SEO

Coming from Karlsruhe, she knows how important it is to tackle hot air – in Germany’s capital of fans this has a long tradition. Thus, in her daily work she relies even more on extensive research and facts, quickly fighting “alternative facts”.

Nana Tazuke
Editorial Office

Born in the former Japanese imperial city of Kyoto, she loves to combine tradition and modernity. Her creative ideas and compelling nature characterize her work in the DIE PR-BERATER team: For example a century-old kimono belt can quickly be turned into a chic scarf.

Laura Vennes
Editorial office

Always ready to jump, she particularly enjoys working in crisis PR. As a track and field athlete she knows: success depends on speed, the right timing and a perfect preparation. And a victory simply feels great.